Dale M. Picou, Jr.

Welcome to my corner...

For now, you can find my resume and contact information here. I do have plans in the not so distant future to expand this site. What do I have in store for it you may ask? The plan is to add tutorials, concepts, applications, and scripts that will make life easier for those of us in the network and web application field.

The internet is full of tutorials, so why include my own? Well, the tutorials and concepts here will solve and discuss problems that I have came across. Sorry, no basic PHP ‘hello world’ script here. For these problems I most likely scoured the internet and found 5 or more different ways to solve it. I will go into all of them to hopefully save you from some searches. I will explain which solution I went with and why. These tutorials may not have mass appeal but for the few that it does help, it will be a huge help.

As for concepts, I will be discussing the different technologies I have came across in my travels. Truly have a look at what these niche solutions do along with if they are needed. I am all about keeping things simple, easy to understand, and maintain. I always say when selecting or designing something “can I troubleshoot this at 2am with no sleep for the last 20 hours?”

Everyone loves something that can make their day-to-day lives easier. That is my goal with the applications. Develop elegant solutions for items in my experience that need some elegance. These may be very niche applications, but they help in a big way for those they benefit.

Those are my future goals for this page and I hope I can fulfill them in due time. This site might not look like much from the outside, but it is using a lot of the technology I have learned in the last few weeks.